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The Reach Beyond Education

Monest Sdn Bhd is an independent, for-profit financial literacy organization with a social enterprise business model. Our motive is to create awareness, provide education, incorporate practical sessions and laying off the guidelines for our clients who are looking to achieve financial freedom.

Our goal is to create a world where people are well informed to make good financial decision that will improve not only their live but the lives of their loved ones too.

Monest Sdn Bhd was registered in the year 2020, after doing a market research and survey we find out that the investment market has now reached many people compared to last 5 years and what is more surprising is that we found there are many young people who are now actively getting themselves involved in financial market – often with a goal to make immensurable profit. These group of people are usually exposed to Financial Technologies which often get advertised in social media and YouTube and the lack of experience and exposure frequently led them into a pit hole.

Many companies and individual has taken the growth of financial technology to create wealth for themselves with the cost of their clients hard earned money – advertising illogical schemes and promising profit has become a trend for these companies to hunt for businesses.

Monest Sdn Bhd’s mission is to identify illogical schemes by creating awareness to the public on how financial market works. Our business module is solely based on creating education around financial market and financial technology which will enable our clients to make financial decisions without falling victim to scammers.

Apart from providing educational modules we also involve our clients in practical sessions where they’ll be able to put their ideas into work. Our guidelines which are tailor-made for each clients has not only helped our clients to understand the financial market and technology, it has also made them aware of their own financial goals and risk appetite which enables them to make a better financial decisions.

Our courses and modules are conducted by professionals who has been in the industry for more than 10 years and our team here at Monest are passionate about helping people to improve their financial capabilities and promoting the overall financial literacy movement.

As a company we offer result-oriented and process driven analysis to our clients which enables them to fully utilize the financial technology as well as promote investing education on the platform that we have created.

We empower our clients to achieve sustainable wealth by making investment smarter, safer, faster and easier.

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