Alisya aidrus

Technical Specialist

Alisya is an ACCA certified Accountant, having her papers completed in Mara University College in year 2018 lead her into working environment where she spent one year as a tax assistant in a corporate firm.

In the working period, she got herself introduced to Forex trading market where she found her interest – her love for maths and economics has frowned her into trading. She then started her own research regarding derivatives trading.

Of course, as a beginner she had faced many brokers and individual who were only promising profits and their approach led to loses.

Alisya understood the limitations and the laws around the derivatives market and with positive thinking she manages to learn more and more without giving up.

In her own words, she said “Derivatives trading is the only two-way market that allows you to buy or sell currencies or commodities, and that is one good reason for anyone to invest in this market.”

She has also spent the next few years learning and researching about investment in stocks and indices and attended numerous courses and seminars to sharpen her technical analysis skill.

She is a very young girl who has discovered her passion and she intend to share her knowledge with anyone who is looking to improve their financial situation.

As the pandemic emerged, she was retrenched from her company not because she was not good but for the sole reason of being the youngest in the organisation.

She realised that any job that pays you salary are entitled to fire sometimes even without the right reasons and she promised herself to never be in the predicament again.

When she came for interview at Monest, she was first impressed by our business model, she also admitted that usually when it comes to Financial companies there are a lot of things that the company try to hide but when she was confronted by our business plan and SOP, she could not say no to our offer.

Ever since she joined us, she has been actively involved in our market review. She has introduced Derivatives Trading to numerous people, trained numerous clients and work together as a team to produce much precise prediction on the market.

When we asked about what makes her happy to stay here at Monest, she highlighted about the rewarding commission that she can make and the satisfaction of improving other people’s life by teaching them about money and economy.

She said “Everyone wants your business, especially during this pandemic period but not everyone wants to help you make money or even to learn about money, but at Monest things are different, Monest doesn’t require us to deceive our clients instead they educate clients with out most transparency and I think that is the one reason why I’m happy here.”

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