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Updated: Jan 4

Follow Me is a world leading social trading network, it provides the copy trading technology that links the trader and follower account so that when the trader’s account trade, the followers account will be trading automatically. Therefore, follower can benefit from not only the long-practiced and proved trading strategies of these registered traders but also enjoy the higher possibility of having a better trading performance done by the traders you linked your own trading account with.

Follow Me offers an important bridge role but independent service between traders/followers and the brokers. Anyone with an existing brooking account can use Follower’s service as either a Trader or a Follower. Anyone could potentially benefit from registering as either a Follower or Trader. Below is the brief explanation of what the Follower and Trader we are talking about here in this Follow Me online community.

What are the benefits of Follow Me?

You can choose to register the Follow Me community account as a Follower, if are not doing so well in Forex trading or have limited time to spend on trading by yourself for instance.

A Follower can benefit from linking his live trading account with a trading account of good traders who registered themselves as Traders. Therefore, when the trader account trades and makes money from trading, the Follower account (which is you) will benefit from copying these trading activities in the trader’s live account.

The follower can choose the good trader from the FollowRank system. The FollowRank is the scientific trader performance ratings and reporting system. Together with trade’s maximum account draw-down commitments information, the ranking system provides followers with the references of how to select the good traders.

Do you need to Invest as much as the Trader?

Not at all, there is a system called Follow Guard which provides double ends protections. It allows users (Followers) to control their limitations and number of lots per transaction. It also allows user to automatically stop trading when the market reach the setup amount by the users (Followers). This system helps both Traders and Followers to better manage their individual accounts according to their risk appetite.

Becoming a Trader on Follow Me

What if we tell you that you can earn extra income with Follow Me as trader. How is this possible? - Well when you choose to register the Follow Me community account as a Trader, if you are doing well in trading and wish to share your trading performance and activities to the followers so that you can charge the followers subscription as one of your sources of income. The process is quite easy.

Traders set them self as trader identity in the community during the registration process, then link his/her live trading account on Follow Me Platform.

Remember the true trading performance will be shown only from the day that the account is set up with Follow Me community. Trader can then set up the monthly subscription fee initially. Only the follower who pays this fee can link their accounts with this trader’s account.

A very important note to the trader, is that the trader can only provide their performance from a live trading account, not from a demo account. This is of course for the obvious reasons where demo account traders are usually not very serious and the data in demo account can be altered. So when you trade performance is good and consistent you will have more followers and thus more income for you.

A Platform where you can communicate with fellow traders?

Follow Me creates a user-friendly community for registered users to communicate with each other. This platform provides blogs, chat rooms, live broadcasts, etc. It integrates participants of the trading industry, creating a trading community ecosystem.

There are over 100K topics and 102K community blogs which generates 38 million pieces of content as the record in 2019, and it is growing. Users can also earn points to claim exciting incentives and prices when they actively upload useful information for the community.

For more information on this platform and product - Follow Me, feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

By Suren Subramaniam | 3 September 2020

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