Money and the Government - Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 Aid

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This pandemic has put millions of people out of work, forced painful sacrifices and put many in the position of needing help they never imagined would be necessary. We assembled this guide to connect you with information about government benefits, free services and financial strategies to get you through this crisis.


  • Healthcare personnel such as doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, etc. Will get an additional allowance up to RM 600 to their current pay. while front liner like police, military and many more will get additional allowance up to RM 200. These will be banked in to their personal account by their agency.

10 billion ringgit was allocated for B40 and M40 families.

The eligibility is as below:

  • A family earning less than RM 4000 gets one off RM 1600

  • A family earning less than RM 8000 gets one off RM 1000

  • Any unmarried citizen age above 21 but earns less than RM 2000 gets RM800

  • Any unmarried citizen age above 21 but earns between RM2001-RM4000 gets RM 500

  • RM 200 one off payment for students and higher learning institution

Those eligible can apply through the website and it will check your eligibility based on their database. At don’t forget to check out for BPN 2.0.

  • Citizens also received from 15% to 50% discount on their electricity bills.

  • Residents of People’s Housing Project (PPR) will get exemption of paying rent for 6 months

  • Withdrawal of private retirement scheme (KWSP) up to RM 1500 without penalties can be at -

  • Wage subsidy for those who earns less than 4000 for 3 months

FAQs on eligibility -

  • RM 500 one off for E-hailing drivers if they are full time and earns less than RM1200. This could be applied through their respective platform.

  • RM 500 one off for active duty civil servants.

  • RM 250 one off for government pensioners.

  • These will be paid by their respective agencies

  • Any business owners operating in government building will get rent exemption.

  • RM 25 million was allocated for Orang Asli and disabled, for food, shelter etc.

  • Covid19 patients will get Ram 50 per day for 14 days, while they are getting treatment.

  • Caterers, cleaners will get their contract extended and salaries paid by Government

  • RM 1 billion allocated for food security fund given to farmers and food producers.

  • PTPTN loan payment is postponed until 30th September 2020


  • Government allocated over RM 1 billion in to Ministry of Health to procure more equipment’s needed to combat Covid-19, hire private staffs such as nurses and doctors.

  • RM 800 million was also allocated for private hospitals and laboratories. To aid in the fight against the virus.

  • Government also allocated RM 400 million to Telco companies to upgrade their broadband to help citizens who are stuck at home.

Government also offers aids to small and mid size enterprises.

Some of the aids are as per below:

Besides financial aid, our Malaysian government has also set up and incorporated with many NGOs in regards to our citizens welfare. Multiple channels has been setup for citizens to reach out for help. Suicide prevention organization is always available for help.

We know it is not easy for many people out there and we hope during tough times like this we will show the Malaysian values and keep helping each other no matter what class, race or creed our fellow Malaysian may belong.

By Suren Subramaniam | 7th October 2020

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