What is the Purpose and Benefits of Career Development?

The idea of career development is of growing interest to companies because it addresses the needs of a corporation with employees’ career goals. Formulating a career development plan will assist workers to do their work more effectively. In addition, these plans may be useful for workers who may want to step up in the business or pursue other positions in the future.

Today, organizations have generated new questions regarding their employees ' career growth. With coherent induction, preparation and growth, improved job protection through the accrual of experience and skills are valued in the labor market, they place greater focus on 'career'. As a vast majority of employees change their midlife careers, it becomes apparent that career development plans are needed during the life cycle. There are other key reasons for this concern: Organizations' growth and efficiency depend on the effectiveness of employee results. A shift in social values in which workers do not consider work to be the most important thing in life, but rather choose occupations and professions that suit the individual.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” — Vince Lombardi

A very significant part of a person's life is career development. Rewards and benefits are only earned when a person may develop his or her career. Career development allows people to develop their talents and enhance their performance. It is a challenge for organizations to respond to individuals' advancement initiatives and to make career investments in order to generate faster profits in terms of career growth and progression.

Here are some benefits of career development:

  • Reduces attrition of employees

A career development programmed aims to raise the level of employee satisfaction and thereby decreasing the number of individuals who decide to leave the company.

  • Provides a good equal opportunity employment

When one considers the career development program, there is an opportunity for equal opportunity jobs as these program recognize each person for the merits. Highly successful individuals and the outcomes demonstrated by the person are used as a measure for their growth and no other factors, which also indicate equal opportunity.

  • Improve the use of employees

Career development helps workers to understand better aspects of their role and strengthen their skills. It also allows them to better control their time and improve the usage of employees.

  • Improve the quality of work life

Career development allows workers to learn better working practices, work ethics and other critical aspects of work.

  • Improve the organization itself

Employees have an improved awareness of the different tasks of the organization through a professional development program. Therefore, information sharing and job ethics aim to strengthen the organization.

  • Improve the skills of employee

An employee’s ability is enhanced if they go through a career development program. These initiatives seek to improve different aspects of the life of a worker, which helps the latter perform better at work.

This is how a Career Development can benefit employees or individuals. But at the same time, it will greatly help the organization that provides the development program. Monest has its own career development program too click on the link below to learn what we have to offer

By Areez Jufri | 21 October 2020

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