Renee SOO

Marketing Manager

Soo Fang Rong, known as Renee Soo is our very own marketing head.

Although she has a double degree in Analytic Chemistry with distinction Renee’s forte has always been financial industry. It begun when she was at university – She joined a network marketing team at a very young age where she learnt a lot about money.

Even though the business collapsed due to some leaders issues she said she will always be thankful for the exposure where it thought her a lot. It was her steppingstone into investment and financial market.

At the very young age, she was one of the managers who was running a team of 100 people, she was also has became the speaker for the company where she gained presentation skills. She understands perfectly on how to keep audience engaged. During her time there she also was given a chance to handle China Market and the knowledge and experience gained there is very precious to her.

She was devastated when her team collapsed and she also spent sometime away from the industry, she was working as medical sales rep and within a year she knew she was not happy with what she was doing then.

Her re entry to financial market was in the year 2018, where she was selling an investment plans to customers. After a year there she finally figured out the issues people face when it comes to investment. She realized that most people do investment in a very wrong basis – they are only looking for profit and usually blindly follows anyone who promise them that.

The unsatisfying feel lead her to research more on human behavior towards money. She noticed that more and more people only want to make profit if possible, out of thin air. The amount of effort they put into learning about investment are far less than the desire to get rich.

Thereafter, Renee tries her level best to educate her clients before she sells them anything. Her principle towards managing the clients was professional. According to her, the financial landscape and the generation has changed tremendously now, especially having youths active in this industry excites her energy as it is much easier to handle.

She said, “the youths now understand how investment works and they want to be a part of the growth so instead of convincing people to invest money, I just teach them on how, it has become that simple.”

Looking to expand her horizon, Renee started looking for companies whose business model is investment education and Monest came right to her at the right time.

It was during pandemic and she noticed that people were more active in looking for investment and what are the best thing to do to help was to educate them. She came onboard on June 2020 and has become one of our best people here at Monest.

Her desire to be a trainer and a public speaker could start here she thought to herself. She also said the environment here is another reason she would love to stay here for a long time. The creative, uplifting, like-minded people who always push each other to be their best is the best thing anyone could ask for.

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