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Risk Management Expert

The mind behind Monest – Ryan Raoo

It all started in 2008 when Ryan Raoo started his journey in investment industry. A friend invited him for a Multi Level Marketing where he first encounter failure. Losing his hard-earned money to someone who promises profit and the guilt of being so naive in the industry has taken his mindset to a different toll – he started taking efforts on learning Financial Market and Investment studies.

The ex-banker had all the opportunities in his sector, his involvement in his job opened various doors for him to enhance his knowledge, after a few years of seminars and courses he understood more deeply on how banks work and what are the laws and limitations for them. 

All the efforts was paid off when he finally understood the system, the way the banks profits from their investments and their expertise in retaining the profit was not only appealing but also intriguing.

He then looked for ways and tried to understand what are the limitations that divides the banks from individuals and the answer was simple – The capital.

Many people has a mindset about investment where they believe it should be profitable, less work, and safe but unfortunately that would never be the case. In any investment there are risk involved and the level of risk any individual is exposed to is the same as the banks – but we have to keep in mind that the banks have a very good equity to manage and they often diversify their investment.

Knowing all of this Ryan Raoo quits his day job and tried to involve himself into investment market on full time basis – he joined a several companies to learn about investments and started his trading journey along the way. Even then, he had difficulties finding the right people to advise and his own word he said there are many people who attracts clients by talking about profits and it was so hard to find someone who was willing to explain the market thoroughly.

There were many times he was scammed by Investment companies and there were also many time he had lost his capital in trading but his determination to understand the market grew more and more. He understood that the only way to learn is to first lose the idea of making money before you learn about it and all the money lost; he regarded them as tuition fee.

Almost after 5 years of effort and constant learning he finally figured out the best practices on investing. He often use the word – never be greedy – be progressive.


Ryan Raoo then started teaching his Technics for professionals like lawyers and doctors who would take his consultancy during their free time and the results they obtained from it was consistent and workable.

When we asked his clients why they choose Ryan, almost all of them said one thing, they said Ryan has the best skill in risk management and that is something vital for investors – we as client sometimes get excited about our profits and disappointed for loses – but he managed to make us understand that the best way to grow your wealth is taking things slow and steady – his style of tradings and investment which prioritized the capital protections is the one best reason why he is good at what he does.

At the beginning of 2020, the number of clients had increased – he was losing his flow to the overload responsibilities. He figured he would not be able to handle everyone by himself and he needed a team to help him with his objectives and goals.


Approached by an investor at the right time, Ryan started to layout the bricks for his business plans and course modules. The idea of financial literacy might be new here at this part of the world - but it is essential and in due time people will need to understand it.

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